Finding A Summer Program For Kids That Emphasizes Montessori-Style Teaching Methods

While it may be difficult to find a summer program in your area that bills itself a Montessori program, you can choose summer programs that have the same values as Montessori teaching methods. Montessori teaching emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child's natural psychological, physical, and social development to teach children that they are valued as an individual and encourage them to actively seek knowledge. To continue this teaching style with your children throughout the summer, look for summer programs for kids that have these qualities.

Freedom of Choice

Most summer programs have a main theme, but that doesn't mean that the program has to be so structured that children have no choice in what they are learning at all. Look for summer programs that bring freedom of choice into the program by:

  • Allowing the children to choose an activity each day.
  • Allowing children to choose their own snack.
  • Setting specific group tasks for the day and allowing the children to choose the order of the activities.

Remember, Montessori-style teaching emphasizes freedom within limits. So, you shouldn't expect the program coordinators to give children complete control of their day. But, program coordinators can implement freedom of choice by allowing the kids to choose between two different things, such as having an apple or crackers during snack time.

Educational Activities

Montessori-style teaching incorporates fun, educational activities throughout the day. So, you should look for summer programs that focus on education. Instead of choosing a sports-based summer programs for your child, consider sending your kids to science or math camp. Some areas also have day camps that focus on creative writing or music. Art camps are also a good option for parents looking for a summer camp with Montessori teaching values. Art camps focus on everything from learning basic drawing skills and painting to photography and theater.

Encourage Independence

Children need to be taught to be independent — at school, home, and camp. So, choose a summer camp for your children that encourages each child to be responsible. Look for programs that do things such as:

  • Require children to get their own snack and drink instead of waiting to be served.
  • Encourage children to clean up after each activity and at the end of the day.
  • Teach children the importance of being responsible and making responsible choices each day.

Finding a summer program for your children that focuses on Montessori-style methods of teaching isn't difficult. Just choose an educational program that emphasizes freedom within limits and independence.