The Power Of Play In Preschool: 5 Concepts That Can Be Taught From Various Scenarios

By the time that children have reached 12 months of age, they will begin to entertain themselves through the power of play. Self-directed play stimulates cognitive learning and functionality, and will help to stimulate higher order thinking and create synaptic connections between the 100 billion existing neurons. In preschool, it is the teaching staff's responsibility to encourage the power of play, and to take advantage of playtime to teach 5 very important concepts that encourage self-learning, identity building and the development of problem solving skills.

Don't Want To Go To College? Become A Commercial HVAC Technician

If you are interested in entering a profession that does not require a college degree but can provide you with a good salary in a growing industry, you should consider becoming a commercial heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) technician. You can complete your training in less than a year, choose from a variety of work settings and if you desire, enter into a management role. The following guide provides you with a detailed overview of how you can enter the HVAC field and the job outlook for the industry.